Food News

The individual(s) who invented SmartBrief should knighted (or at the very least be awarded Saturday evening standing reservations at Ko).  Pure genius.

ProChef SmartBrief

I’ve been a fan of ASCD’s SmartBrief for quite some time, and I knew there were other versions, but I had nooooooo idea the CIA had their very own.  It’s a relatively simple concept, SmartBrief.  All important current newspaper articles, magazine articles, blog posts, etc., are compiled into a little email that arrives in your inbox daily, Monday-Friday.  Best part?  It’s free.

What did I learn yesterday?

  • The eel population is declining, so I should probably avoid unagi for awhile.  Bummer.
  • Bobby Flay tweets job postings for his restaurants.
  • “Surface wettability” is apparently such a problem with tea drinkers that some French scientists invented a teapot that won’t drip.  Instead of curing cancer, or smoking cigarettes pretentiously.
  • Homemade stock is always much better than store bought, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to make it well.  (This one actually inspired me to make chicken stock today.  That’s twice that I’ve made it in two weeks.  There really is no comparison between the two.  Make it yourself.)
  • Want some ideas for making beef-less burgers?  Try one of R&I’s finds.

I love ProChef.  If you’re interested, sign up here.


Connotation Press just released their first issue, and it’s pretty great.  A friend of mine graciously asked me to submit an article for her column, “From Plate to Palate, with Amanda McGuire” (thanks, Amanda!).

We certainly have enjoyed eating mounds and mounds of scallops over the past few weeks.  They just might be my new favorite food.

I really wanna fly to NYC/LA/SF and see this.  Now.  Apparently, however, I may never eat again.  I can already visualize the benefits…

Yep.  It’s true.  Today, May 11th, is strangely tagged National Eat What You Want Day.  After posting a healthy pork tenderloin recipe and making roasted vegetable soup with the leftover squash, zucchini, eggplant, onions, peppers, and tomatoes from the weekend, we learned about and decided to celebrate today’s holiday with some decadent fried food from here or here or here–three of BG’s bests.  Bring on the grease.

If only I had access to and could stomach a deep fried twinkie…